Zyzz: Turning Internet Ideas Into Businesses

By itself, "zyzz" means nothing, but in so doing, it CAN mean anything.  And thus, our goal . . . to take ideas in and around the Internet and mobile spaces, and help the entrepreneurs and executives turn them into sustainable businesses.

Zyzz works with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to develop and scale their businesses.  In select circumstances, Zyzz invests seed capital.  Our primary focus is on consumer and small business companies in the Internet and mobile spaces.

Previous investments and/or clients include:
- Mobio (mobile applications)
- Siteler (corporate services)
- uStream (live video)
- WaveMarket (mobile lbs)
- Tellme (voice services)
- Omnisky (acquired by Earthlink, mobile services)
- Palm (handheld devices and software)

For more information, please contact ideas@zyzz.com.